Sweetwater River with Purple Dots 2021

Original framed in oak wood. Cotton canvas drop sheet with acrylic paint.


200cm x 110cm

I have been working on a series of paintings about the Yarra River in Victoria Australia. The River is also known as Birrarung by Australia’s first People. The river flows down from Mount Baw Baw to the city of Melbourne out to Port Phillip Bay, where I live.

Early European Settlers decided to establish the city of Melbourne here because the waters of the Yarra River were sweet for drinking and able to sustain life.

In this painting Titled: “Sweetwater River with Purple Dots” 2021 I am focusing on the  movement and sparkles that can been seen from the surface of the river. I have used the tones of the colour Purple as saw some of these lovely colours near the banks of the river on a reconnaissance trip gathering images for paintings, I am making for Author Judith Buckrich’s book on the Yarra River.  They are also colour remnants from a previous River painting I made as Homage to a visit to my Gallery from Aboriginal Elder Carolyn Briggs. These colours are also uplifting and joyous grounding and peaceful to me.


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This is an original artwork. It is not to be reproduced under any circumstance. Copyright remains with the artist, Enza Benincasa


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